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Premiere Post

Welcome to the blog. I'm a couple of years late but I've joined the blogging community. Woo and Hoo, for me! Basically, I'm setting this up as an personal outlet to get word out about my book, On the Edge of Someplace Else, for which I'm seeking an agent. What I'll be writing about is the process of hunting for and finding an agent (no easy task, let me assure you right off the bat) and then eventually through the publishing process. I'll also take time out to talk about things in the news, both literary and general, that strike my fancy, or, most likely, rankle my fancy (like most bloggers, I'm rather fancy-centric). Well, I hope you all join me in my journey from obscure aspiring writer to full-fledged published author and enjoy the ride with me. Jeff

(originally published 5/9/2009)

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